How You Can Enjoy Time at the Beach

If it is time for your vacation, and you have chosen the beach to relax at, then you are in luck. The beach has several activities you can engage in. In fact, it is possible to go a couple of days without having to repeat an activity at the beach. The most important thing is to have fun and enjoy yourself. For those who believe that all you can do is sunbathe and build castles, you are wrong. Below are some fun activities you can engage in during your visit to the beach.  Read more great facts on  dolphin tours, click here. 

Building a sand man
The same way you can make a snow man during the winter is the same way you can use sand to create a sandman. This is not just something that kids do. Also adults can enjoy this neat activity and have fun competing with one another. You can accessorize your sand man with simple items that you can collect at the beach. Examples of these things include shells and seaweed.

Digging Holes
This is another fun activity, especially for the younger lot. If you want to keep them busy, you can go ahead and throw this one into the list of activities. At the beach there are many types of competitions going on. You can keep you kids both happy and distracted by getting them to compete in digging holes. To bring some more fun into this game; you could even take some shells or other items, hide them in the holes and have the kids search for them as treasure. You can view website here for  more great tips!
Beach Tag
Another interesting game to try out is beach tag Usually, the person who is "it" pretends to be a scary sea creature. When you are tagged, you can either stay in the game and become the chaser or sit down until everyone has been tagged.

Creating Castles with Sand
This is probably one of the most common games played at the beach. For those in groups, you can work together to make huge sand castle. Another option is to have a competition and see who does it best. Please view this site for further details. 

Compete in the Beach River Race
This a really interesting game especially if you go the beach in large numbers. All you need to do is divide yourselves into two teams. After doing this, the next part is that each team is supposed to build two trenches in the sand that leads to the water. Each team should also choose an item that they are supposed to race into the water. The minute you commence the game, every team needs to fill their trenches with water to form the river. This is followed by the objects that were selected being placed on the water so that they can float. The first team to get their object across wins the race.